Research Interest

My research has been in the field of hadron structures and thus far has mainly been on the application of the AdS/CFT (Anti de Sitter/ Conformal Field Theory) correspondence to this field. The AdS/CFT correspondence is a conjectured relation between a strongly coupled, large NC, conformal field theory in 4D, and a weakly coupled gravity theory in 5D AdS space.  Particularly attracting a lot of interest is the possible connection to QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics). Specifically, I follow the bottom-up approach which uses crucial properties of low energy QCD to build the five dimensional dual theory. 

I am also pursuing other topics in particle/hadronic/nuclear physics. In particular, astrophysical/cosmological  observations imply that most of the matter in the universe are non-luminous or dark. Their presence can be implied from their gravitational interaction with ordinary matter.  Other than gravitationally, the dark matter interact only weakly with ordinary matter.